New plan for the final

It strikes me as somewhat ironic in light of my firm and detailed plans for the final that I’m going to end up doing something completely different.

I suppose it’s not that big of a surprise since I made no secret of the fact that I’d rather work on something with someone than do something on my own, and when Tims explained his plans to try building an automatic scroll roller I was interested. It probably helped that we’d had dinner the night before and had a long discussion about art and meaning and collaboration, but the project is an interesting one in its own right.

I was unfortunately out of town for most of the week (left Wednesday after class, just got back at 2am), but we had a very productive post-class lunch meeting before I left. I still need to touch base with him, but we’ve laid out a sort of rough plan for development, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Hopefully we’ll have some data by Wednesday about paper stress in different situations that we can use to actually design the device. (Tims had the clever idea of using toilet paper for testing. It is already on a roll and it is extremely fragile, which means that it’s easy to tell if the paper is under significant stress.)



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