Almost done with the scroll roller

As of Wendesday night, the basic construction of the scroll roller is done.  We haven’t gotten a scroll in place to test it, but hopefully on Saturday we can get started with that.  The emergency stop mechanism was easy to design, and needs both testing and software implementation.  The latter’s just a few minutes of work, and the former is true of the rest of the system: testing required.

On the construction side, things are looking good.  Tims came up with a great way to secure things (small sliding latches) and it looks like with one small exception everything is in good working order.  That exception is, unfortunately, one of our gears.  The gear on our left-side axel has a couple of teeth which have been damaged.  I suspect this was caused by me while removing it from the printer.  It’s minor damage, and almost appears cosmetic, but it’s sufficient to cause the motor to jam when that part of the gear engages.  Tims managed to do some minor repair work, but I’m not sure how well it’ll hold up under strain.  The right-side assembly works fine, and we’re looking for a replacement gear, but if we can’t find one I think we’ll be okay.

Tims is working on getting us a scroll printed, and I’m trying to figure out precisely how we want to handle mounting of scrolls to the entire assembly.  I suspect it will be something involving PVC pipe.

After the eight or so hours of work on Wednesday I think we’re less than another eight from completion, so I feel quite confident about our schedule.  I suppose we won’t know for sure until we start testing and provide an opportunity for things  to go catastrophically wrong.  I’m sure there’ll be an update for that.



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