Animation project: Poor Andy

As has been consistently the case in this class, it was working with Si on the animation project that was most interesting.  Of course the project itself was fun, especially since I haven’t worked with animation before, so this was the most technically informative project I’ve  worked on.

Si and I agreed to work together after class when the assignment was given, but didn’t really know what we wanted to do.  I had the idea of possibly using some hi-res scans of some comic books I have, but Si had a much better idea.  It started off vague: she had done some animaion before using Andy Warhol.  Nothing major, but enough to have a few prepared assetts.  With that as a starting point we realized it’d be fun to have Andy interact, in some way, with some of his works.

Our original storyboard involved him directly talking to his paintings, but we realized this would be extremely limiting because in the case of Jacky and Marilyn they were headshots only.  That limited the sorts of scenes we could do, so we tweaked things.

This involved more assett acquisition and preparation, but I feel that it was worth it.

While there were elements of the project that could definitely use improvement, overall I’m very pleased with how things turned out.




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