Live Web Mid-term, a choice

With mid-terms coming up in Live Web I need to pick a project. The problem is that I have two of them I might work on. The first is the project I know will end up being my final in the course, the project I came into the course planning to improve: Watch With Me. The other option is to build a flash-based version of the game telephone.

Watch With Me, at this point, needs mostly grunt work retooling. As a concept I’ve already proved it works, so any work for class wouldn’t really be about improving the concept at this stage. Still, it is work that needs doing and the project is really cool and worth executing.

Telephone, however, would be a relatively new thing for me. A project started from scratch and thus one where a lot of the design and conceptual work still needs to be done. It’s also a much smaller project, the sort of thing that can be done to my satisfaction (and not need any more work) by the time mid-terms are due. Basically it would use webcams and built in mics on laptops to create a chain of video chat users. You’re only connected to the person in front of you and behind you in the chain, so that you have to pass any messages from one person to the other. It might just be simply fun to play with too.

Which is why I’m leaning in the direction of the Telephone project. While Watch With Me is, in the long term, far more compelling, in the short term Telephone could be more fun and represents more of a conceptual stretch for me. Especially since I’m intending to use Watch With Me as my final project for the class.



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