Not really very coherent

I was hoping that today would present an opportunity for a bit more reasoned post on the grad school choice thing, but being keyed up (and poking around with NYU’s online system) kept me up waaaay too late. With the early morning (05:00) shift I had today this meant I am woefully short on sleep. Honestly I should probably be in bed now, but…

Today was mostly me leveling out the emotional high of the letter. Part of it is, of course, that I got accepted, but much of it is simply knowing. I don’t have to put off decision-making. I can move forward and get something done, and that’s emotionally stimulating for me. So despite being low on sleep I’ve been pretty active.

Met up with the Nikki for a late lunch thing. Talked about grad school for me and interesting history stuff for her. (I gave her an idea for a master’s thesis free of charge. I’m such a good friend.) Then we headed back to my place to poke around youtube for a bit which eventually led to Soul Caliber 3. Will joined us for some animated violence and we passed the controllers around a bit. Quite a bit of fun, really. I love that game more than, perhaps, I should.

Just as she took off for Japanese stuff Marie called. Marie and Deli and I decided on food (after twenty minutes we settled on Arby’s as our location) and I called Claire (who I’d run into on my way out of work this morning) to see if she wanted to join us. She said she’d meet us there. Then, of course, on the way over there we decide that we don’t want Arby’s after all. No, we want Chick-fil-et. So I called Claire to give her the update.

It turned out to be pretty good though, so I call it a win.

Ran into Tabor, who I’ve seen around but probably haven’t talked to in four or five years. He’s going to be heading off to TX this summer and we talked about the possibility of me visiting him during the roadtrip which would rock. On the way home somehow the topic of Deli’s friend Tate came up in conversation and it turns out she’s likely moving to DC. So there’s another person to visit this summer.

Then we got back to my place and watched an episode of Bones. I’ve seen them all, but I’ve been slowly getting Deli through the series as it’s quite good and since she has good taste she recognizes that.

That’s a decent summary.


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  1. anonymous says:

    If you don’t mind staying with some old folks, Dad and I have some friends in D.C. you could stay with. You actually stayed at their house when our family went to D.C. in 1994. They have sons just a little older than you. They don’t play games, but they have lots of room and you would find them quite interesting. And they live near a metro stop, so it would be easy for you to get around. We all knew each other the year I met Dad at Virginia Tech.

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