Ah bureaucracy, I haven’t missed you

Ever since I received my acceptance letter from NYU I’ve been slinging stuff back and forth with their financial aid department. My preference is still to be up that way, but I’m going to need far more on the way of aid to do that than I will if I attend GaTech. And with the GaTech response deadline originally April 15 (they very graciously gave me an extension), I had very little time to find out if I had it.

First I call financial aid only to be told that I’m not in the system at all. So I call the guy in charge of aid for my school but have to leave a message. I don’t hear back so I give him another call a few days later and he pokes around and tells me my SSN was entered into the system wrong and that’s what had happened. He fixes it. So I call financial aid again and they confirm that the SSN is in the system, but they tell me it will take a couple of days for them to process my FAFSA now that they know which one to process. I decide to stop bothering them for a few days.

Today I call to see if it’s been handled and the guy I talk to is extremely helpful. He tells me that, oh, they have to send in a specific request to get the thing processed and that hasn’t been done yet. He offers to immediately send an email to the appropriate people, but he warns that it won’t get done before they close for the day. I should call back tomorrow he says.

So that’s what I plan to do.

In only slightly related news, the NYC housing market is radically different from the one I’m used to. Around here our entire rental market turns over in August with the beginning of the Fall semester. This means that most rental properties are projected out to open in August sometime and you need to get in as early as you can to insure widest selection options. NYC is apparently significantly different. Turnover is, of course, higher, and this apparently leads to a market in which availability tends to project out about a month or so. That means that I probably won’t know until sometime in June or July where I’m living or how much it will cost. That’s a new sort of uncertainty for me and should be interesting.

It’s also possible that I just fail to understand how this works. That wouldn’t surprise me either.


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