I now enslave myself financially for love of knowledge

In the continuing saga of my plans to attend grad school I received my financial aid packet from NYU today. There are still details to work out, of course, but the bottom line is that I can do this, and it will be awesome.

Beyond that I’m just tired. Mondays are my long day (class starts at 08:00, work ends at 21:00, sometimes I have a one hour break for lunch). Coming out of a Saturday+Sunday 12 hour shift cycle means that I’ve had not nearly enough sleep. Fortunately I don’t have to work tomorrow so I’ll sleep in to the decadent hour of 08:00.

It’s really dawning on me just how close all of this is. My last final is May 7, my last day of work is May 8, and on May 10 I officially graduate. Hopefully I’m on the road for the beginning of my trip by May 24 at the very latest. Then it’s ten weeks of driving and visiting and hanging out.

Someone at some point said, perhaps in jest, that I could write a book about this road trip thing. At first I thought that was ridiculous. I mean… people who do cross-country journeys and go on to write books about them have interesting things to say, what would I talk about? Then I realized that I have an angle on this that I find fascinating. I could, very legitimately I feel, write a book entitled Road Tripping Across the Internet. Looking over my list of people to visit, almost every single one of them is someone I met online in one place or another.

Think about that: I’m taking a trip that involves hanging out with more than 50 different people, and with only two or three exceptions every single one of those relationships was first formed somewhere online. Wouldn’t that be a neat book? I like to think so. I’ll be making notes all along the trip anyway, just in case.

Speaking of the trip, I’m working on a project for my web apps class that I plan to use for the summer. More details to come, but it’s sort of an experimental blog/forum system organized primarily around physical locations. We’ll see what happens.


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  1. lordsmerf says:

    Well, if you’re in town at least we can meet up at some point before I take off? And my own departure date isn’t set in stone, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be at least as far as San Fransisco by June…


  2. Sanaya says:

    This might be called One Writer’s Confessions about What’s Trend. That’s seems that the wreitr have passed most of the time investigating if this is practically true or not.

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