Huh… I don’t feel any different

Today marked the last meeting of a class of my undergraduate career. I presented my final project in Web Applications with XML and JSP today. The project is actually something I’m pretty excited about, and I’ll probably talk about it more soon since it’s part of my plans for the road trip this summer. That’s for later though, for now I thought I should have a post commemorating my last day of classes.

In other news I’m seriously contemplating setting up a WordPress install to take up most of the content that goes here. If I do I’ll mirror it to this journal, of course, but I’m finding that more and more of the people that I’d like to link to a blog about my life so that they can keep up with me don’t really need the LiveJournal thing. A simple (and easy to remember) blog URL is probably a lot less trouble for them.

I’ll probably work on that sometime this week or something.

Anyway, I’m keeping this short.


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