Things you appreciate in their absence

I’ve got this project for a class. It involves designing and implementing a very bare-bones form of an internet guestbook (in JSP, which is sort of silly since no one likes Tomcat, least of all me). I’ve got all the design and data work done. I’ve got my data structures laid out, and my interface designed, and everything else. All that’s left is the data storage and handling stuff.

Now I’m doing this in JSP and I don’t, for this project, have access to a MySQL server, so I’m forced to fall back on writing flat-text files and writing search and parse code myself. As a method of data storage flat-files are fine, I don’t mind them at all, really. But I positively hate writing my own parsing functions.

This is all a way of me saying that dang do I love the way MySQL automates searching, parsing, and data retrieval. And I very much wish I could use it here.


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